Let us guide you on the journey to

Reach Your Ideal View

Let us guide you on the journey to

Reach Your Ideal View

Our Story

When Terrell Boone & Brad Williams began working together in 2018, they quickly realized that they share a similar vision for the ideal wealth management practice. The dream was to have the freedom to fully integrate their values, personalities and passions into the client experience. Having spent years working for several large household name firms, it became clear that making the leap to independence would be the only way to turn their vision into reality.

After much prayer and preparation, Highlands Wealth Group was launched in January 2021.


Light the Way

In a world filled with ideas and dreams, it’s important that yours matter. Imagine arriving confidently at a place in the future where your goals have been met and you are living your ideal life.

What will that look like? How will you get there?

We can illuminate the path between where you are and where you want to be.

Dig Deep

Holistic financial planning is a heartfelt, personal approach to wealth building and its many facets. At Highlands Wealth Group, we design plans based on what’s important to you, not what benefits us.

Our clients are professionals, families and small business owners who find comfort in knowing that we are driven to see them succeed in life. When you work with us, you get best-in-class service and actionable advice for many of the financial aspects of your story.

See Clearly

Life is a journey and we’re here to help you be strategic about your progress through every season. Move forward with confidence knowing you have our expertise to guide you on the way.

Buying your dream home? Planning a graceful exit from a long career? Running a demanding business?

Gain momentum with each finely tuned decision we make together. Our Priority Process puts your goals on the map and moves you in the right direction.